Flash News : Welcome to Army public School Udhampur

Land. The school has 14 acres of land in Senior Wing and 6.5 acres in Junior Wing.

School Buildings.

Senior Wing Class Rooms Other Accn
TAGORE BLOCK 14 2 Staff Room, 2 Sci labs, Sick Bay & Sports/Band Room, Tata E Server room, CLT Room, Adm Supr, Exam cell
VIVEKANANDA BLOCK 09 Auditorium, Library, Computer Lab No 1, Staff Room, Bio Lab, Home sc & Maths Lab
RAMAN BLOCK 10 Computer Lab No 2, Staff Room
Adm Block - Principal’s Office, Vice Principal’s Office, Adm Offr Office,PA to Principal,Estate Supr,Accountant,  Visitors Room and Main Office
RAMANUNJAM BLOCK 17 Staff Room, Art & Craft  Room and Sarojini  Library.
NP Bldgs - Conf Room, Music Room and Counsellor  room
DRONACHARYA BLOCK 08 Single teacher accommodation.
ARYABHATTA BLOCK 15  Computer Lab 3, Language lab &  TRC Room,  02 Staff Rooms
Bldg No 1 11 Office, Staff Room, Visitors Room, Lib, SUPW, Computer Lab, Exam Cell & Music Room
Bldg No 2 16 Cl –I & Cl-II Class Rooms, AV Room, Auditorium & Staff Room
Bldg No 3 10 Cl-III Class Rooms
ORL Shelter 03 Sports Room, Cl –I Room & Stores
Tuck Shop 01  


Shatrujeet Auditorium. A spacious Auditorium with a seating capacity of 600 alongwith eight class rooms has been constructed and brought into use since April 1994.
Science Labs.    The school has full fledged three science labs with adequate equipment.
Computer Room.  The school has three computer labs. All the computer rooms are air conditioned and well furnished. One Computer Lab is fully equiped with 20 +1 Server / Thin Client systems. Other two labs (one in Senior Wing & Junior Wing each) are equipped with Core -2 Duo  fully functional and updated Systems.  At 10+2 Level, IP is beingn taught as an elective subject. It is also taught to all students from class IV upwards as work experience and SUPW. CAL facilities and LAN have been provided for the use of the students.

              Est of TAL.    The TAL has been implemented in all Class Rooms.

School LibraryThe School has well furnished, well lit, ventilated and automated library. As on date, it has approx 10191 books on its shelves. The school subscribes for nine Newspapers and 30 Magazines.
Sports Facilities Adequate sports facilities are available in the school. The Senior Wing has one Multi Purpose Ground including one Football ground, two Basketball Courts, one Volleyball Court, two (Outdoor) Badminton Courts. It also has a Hockey Ground, Lawn Tennis Court and a Skating Rink.
Maruti Van   The school has a Maruti Van for school use.
Maruti Eeco   The school has a Maruti Eeco for school use.
Tuck Shop    It is run by 5171 ASC Bn on no profit no loss basis.  
Schools Buses.  The school has six buses with a seating capacity of 50, 42, 22, 32,32  and 32 persons   respectively which   are   available to the students and the teachers for commuting to school and back. A separate account is maintained for this purpose.
Counselling CellWef Aug 2005, the school has also established a Counseling Cell equipped with Computer and a qualified Counsellor.
Geography Lab.  The school has one well equipped Geography Lab.
Home Science Lab The school has one well equipped Home Science Lab.
Physics Lab The school has one well equipped Physics Lab.
Chemistry Lab The school has one well equipped  Chemistry Lab.
Biology Lab The school has one well equipped Biology Lab.
Maths Lab   As per instructions of CBSE, a Maths Lab has been established in the school.
NCC Room.    The school has a well established NCC Room.
Art Room  The school has a well established Art Room.
Activity-cum-Craft Room    The school has a well established Activity-cum-Craft Room.