Every student must bring his/her diary to school daily. If a student loses the diary he/she will be subject to disciplinary action. A fine of Rs. 50 will be levied and a new diary will have to be purchased. School diary is to be preserved carefully and no page from it should be destroyed or smudged.
1.       Punctuality and regularity in attendance is a must.
2.       Students should wear neat and proper school uniform on all working days.
3.       Boys should have their hair trimmed. Older boys should be clean-shaven. No "mushroom cut" hair style is allowed. Sikh boys should use blue Turban.
4.       Girls should have their hair well groomed (Girls with long hair should have it plaited neatly). Jewellery should be avoided. Only simple earrings are allowed. Colouring of hair and use of Mehendi in hands are forbidden. (No fancy earrings, bangles or finger rings to be worn.)
5.       Nails should be properly trimmed. Use of nail polish is forbidden.
6.       Students must speak in English failing which they will be fined.
7.       Discipline must be maintained always very strictly and movement between class rooms or labs must be orderly and silent.
8.       Students are not permitted to drive a scooter or car to school even if they have a valid license. This will be viewed very seriously and appropriate punishment will be given. The parents are requested not to give/buy their wards any scooter, bike or car.
9.       Students should observe polite standards at all times.
10.     Students are responsible for the safe custody of their   books and belongings, which should be well labelled. School property should not be tampered with or damaged. Anyone found damaging the property will be fined Rs. 100/- in addition to the cost of the damaged property. The parents will have to bear the cost of the damage.
11.     Students are not allowed to attend school in coloured dress on birthdays.
12.     Students are not allowed to carry cell phones, walkman or any other unwanted materials to school. (If anyone          
           is found having a cell phone it will be confiscated and the student will be subjected to suspension/dismissal)
13.     Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, neglect of home-work, disobedience and disrespect towards members of the school staff or bad moral influence justify suspension or dismissal.
14.     Chewing gum and pan masala are not allowed in the school premises or on educational tours.
15.     Giving 'tips' to class IV employees of the school is strictly forbidden.
16.     Students are expected to refrain from cheating, swearing, smoking, the use of drugs and vulgar language in school. Students found to be engaged in any of the above activities are liable to be suspended/dismissed.
1.       75% attendance is a must for every student.
2.       Attendance must be for a full school day. No student will be allowed to leave the school prior to the closing of school, except in cases of extreme emergency, with the permission of the Principal.
3.       Leave for any reason is granted only if when a written application is sent in the student's diary by the parent.
4.       Written application for leave exceeding five days should be routed through the Headmistress to the Principal.
5.       A MEDICAL CERTIFICATE issued by a Registered Medical Practitioner is required at the time of admission showing that the child has been immunized. BCG, Polio -Primary & Booster, DPT -Primary & Booster, TAB -Primary and Re- Vaccination, Measles and M.M.R. Students already admitted in the school are expected to be immunized also.
6.       A student returning to school after suffering from an infectious or contagious disease should produce a     doctor's   
           a.    Certificate permitting him to return . The prescribed periods of quarantine are:
           b.    Chicken Pox - till complete falling of scabs. ( Min 15 days)
           c.    Cholera - till child is completely well.
           d.    Measles - One week after rash disappears.
           e.    Mumps - Until swelling has subsided.
           f.     Whooping Cough - Ten days.
7.      Parents are requested to CO-OPERATE and not to send their ward to school till the quarantine period is over. Fitness certificate must be obtained from the doctor.
8.      No leave will be granted on the working day before a vacation or the first working day after a vacation , failing which they are liable to be heavily fined.
9.      Absence from the school for merely social functions is strongly discouraged.
10.     If the child is unwell please keep the child at home. When he/ she rejoins school he / she must produce a Medical Certificate within a weeks time.