1. Parents are expected to co-operate with the school authorities in enforcing regularity and discipline.
2. Late comers and students in improper uniform will be sent home. No excuses will be entertained.
3. Page No must be duly filled in and signed.
4. Parents should see that their children study regularly. They should encourage their children to do their best as far as accuracy and neatness are concerned.
5. Encourage the children to do their daily work diligently and honestly and to pay utmost attention to the studies in the class room. Pupils are advised not to have private tuitions.
6. Parents are expected to give adequate time to their children to help them in their studies , provide them with a quiet place to study and insist on a home work time free from distractions.
7. Encourage the children to read books at home and to collect material which will help them in their education.
8. Parents must attend Parent - Teacher meeting regularly and must personally collect the report cards.
9. Giving gifts to any staff is strictly prohibited . Such action willbe viewed seriously.
10. Parents are requested not to interfere in the school administration. However written suggestions are always welcome.
11. Please do not send expensive items with your ward to school.
12. Students must attend school functions in school uniform only.
13. A student whose fee is not paid by 22 of the collection month ( quarter) will have his / her name removed from the school rolls. He / She will not allowed to sit in the class till the payment is made.
14. Parents are requested not to bring Tiffin , books and other articles that the children have forgotten at home after 7:20 am (Summer) and 7:55 ( Summer) to the school. This is to avoid unnecessaryrisks and hazards.
15. Please note that your ward will not be sent home after the Unit Test. If the child is unwell please keep the child at home.
16. If the child is ill he /she should not be sent to school even on the unit test / examination day as it makes the other children susceptible to disease.
17. The parents are requested not to allow their wards to organize / attend the continuation party.
1. Withdrawal forms are available at the school office. This should be filled in completely and submitted at the office.
2. Transfer Certificates and Progress Reports will not be issued until all dues are paid.
3. Students who have been on the rolls and who leave in April or May will have to pay fees for one additional vacation month.
4. The office requires 48 hours (2 days) notice to complete the formalities and prepare the T.C. It will be given on the next working day.
5. Since fees are collected every quarter, a month's fees will be refunded when due notice for withdrawal is received by the school office, in accordance with the rules.
6. Duplicate copies of Transfer Certificates will be issued on payment of Rs. 50/- after verification and on production of an indemnity bond, stating the cause of losing the original TC, on a non judicial stamp paper of Rs. 2/- duly attested by a Notary Public.
7. Those whoplan to leave the school must apply for TClatest by 31st March.Application received for TC after 5th of every month will be required to pay annual charges and fee for that month. In accordance with the school policy all who have failed twice in the same class are to collect their TC within 7 days of declaration of results of the supplementary examination.
8. If TC is required before the Result Declaration , at the end of the session, the parents are requested to leave a stamped and self addressed registered envelope with A.D slip , so that the same can be posted after the teachers have compiled the results.
1. A student who uses unfair means in a test or examination will be given 'zero'. Repetition of the offence will result in dismissal.
2. There is NO PROVISION FOR RE- TESTS/RE-EXAM on medical grounds.
3. Annual Examination answer scripts will not be given to the to take home under any circumstances.
4. Parents must collect the Progress Report of their wards from their class teachers on the day allotted.
5. Promotion is on the basis of the WHOLE YEARS' PERFORMANCE.
6. Promotions are decided by thePrincipal and the council of teachers. The results are final and in all cases and cannot be reconsidered. Please do not approach the Principal once the results are declared.
7. It is compulsory for the student to pass in all the subjects. He should secure min 40% in each subjects from class I to XII. Promotion will be given on the basis of marks in theory examination in case ofsubject with practical
1. Students of class X and XII will obtain clearance from the concerned departments between 15th January to 30th January.
2. All class X students desirous of perusing studies in class are required to register afresh for Class XI.
3. Students desirous of taking admission in IX and XII must have CBSEcurriculum.
4. Computer Science , General Knowledge , General Studies grades will be added for calculating general proficiency.