Admission Guidelines


1. Admission for children of Army personnel at any time of the year is guaranteed.

2. Admission for other than Army children will depend on the number of vacancies available.

3. All civilian children will be subjected to an entrance exam.

4. Students coming from schools other than Army Schools will have to undergo admission test. All students seeking admission in Class XI and XII will be required to sit for the admission test.


1. Parents are required to give one week's notice to the school for withdrawal of their wards.

2. The transfer certificate and security deposit is released on clearance of school dues.

3. Parents will have to pay fees for the month in which the transfer certificate is issued.

4. Those who plan to leave the school must apply for TC latest by 31st March. Applications received for TC after 5th of every month will be required to pay annual charges and fee for that month. In accordance with school policy all who have failed twice in the same class are to collect their TC within 7 days of declaration of the results of the supplementary examination.

5. If TC is required before the result declaration, at the end of the session, the parents are requested to leave a stamped and self addressed registered envelope with A.D. Slip, so that the same can be posted after the teachers have compiled the results.