From The Principal’s Desk

Dear Parents,

DPS Kolkata Principal

Learning is an ever continuous journey of experience, through the ocean of life" and Army Public School, Udhampur provides its students the sails to steer their ship through this journey. With over twenty eight proud years of glory, dedication, determination and achievement wherein it has crossed milestone after milestone of success, today Army Public School, Udhampur has made its undying mark among the premier educational institutions of the country. There is, yet, more to be achieved, new heights to be reached and a new legend of glory to be written. Our aim is to heighten our platform of performance to a level par excellence so as to accelerate into a bright future. We believe the student's education to be a concern of the institution and it is our earnest endeavor to leave no stone unturned to produce the finest citizens of the country, the most competitive leaders of tomorrow and above all, the best of human beings. The students of the school have each year done us proud with their commendable performance, not only in academic but in cultural activities and sports emerging at the top everywhere. The game of life is to come up as a winner – to be the very best, for there is no place for mediocrity in this highly competitive world. Our students have the will to excel and the APS faculty, with its dedication, gives them the encouragement to realize their dreams. I am confident that Army Public School, Udhampur shall forever continue to bask under the clear skies of its glory and success.

Sanjeev Kumar